Last ones! (14)

 Here we go! The last sets, enjoy :D Ultimate Venue and Stage Through the Spy Glass Provence Panda & Friends Okterberfest Celebration Luxe Kidswear Little Kids Rock Le Cirque Celebration! Jet Set Dr Pepper Vegas Dr Pepper Sport Dr Pepper Beach Club Vaindenburger Den BahHaus

I'm tired have 3

 Small drop, I wanna go play a game is been a long day Runway Riot India Inspirations Olympian Physique

Happy November have (9) converted sets

 Hohohoh so close to the END Harvest Bounty T Mobile bar Set T Mobile basketball set Old Town Starter Kit Dr Pepper Wonderland Full Hewnsman Set Mid-Century Fantasy Rebel just because Happy Holiday Presents

It's infinity on its side (8)

 A nice dump of 8 Plants vs Zombies Fan Pack Romanza Ceremony Hacienda Luxury Romanza Bridal Party Muse Luxury Happy Holidays to your Furry Friends Brunch at the Old Mill Jet Set Teen

Do you guys like pets? (5)

 I've just noticed most simmers have pets, and usually cats over dogs. Maybe because we spend so much time on the computer that we like the xtra physical company (shrug) Jazz age living room Vineyard villa furnishings Aurora Skies School spirit Happily ever after

Ten MORE, got about 40 left

 Hope y'all doing FANTASTIC Fall fruition Business as Usual Bistro Tiki outdoor party Mediterranean villa kitchen dining Contemporary Comfort Bedroom Dr Pepper Entertainment Indulgent Living Dreams of India More Halloween Treats Futureshock Kitchen